September 11, 1978 12:00 PM

by Marian Burros

The subtitle says it all: Delicious Recipes for Additive-Free Cooking. Blurbed on the jacket by Betty Furness and George McGovern, it tells how to buy nearly pure, additive-free food in the supermarket. Burros—food editor of the Washington Post, a TV consumer reporter and mother of two—factors in time as well as money, so there’s a how-to on homemade convenience foods free of preservatives—and cheaper to boot. Her marvelously simple recipes range from international to regional and from appetizers to chocolate soufflé. Her previous cookbooks (Elegant but Easy, Second Helpings, Freeze with Ease) have all been popular. Concludes Burros: “If you don’t like being ripped off, if you care about how things taste, if you worry about polluting your body with untested or poorly tested substances, you have to learn how to read labels, and you have to be selective about raw ingredients.” (Morrow, $9.95)

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