June 30, 1997 12:00 PM

by Rosemary Altea

Most of us have enough trouble returning phone calls, e-mail and faxes. But popular British medium Rosemary Altea seems to have no problem staying in nearly constant communication not just with the living but with the souls of the dead. She regularly channels messages from her spirit guide Grey Eagle, a 19th-century Apache shaman, and from the departed loved ones of the celebrity clients and ordinary people who flock to her for comfort and psychic healing.

In her new book, Altea tells of seeing auras, having visions and meeting restless ghosts. She recounts sufferings in her past lives and abusive relationships in this one. She even promises that our pets’ spirits survive after death. Altea apparently assumes we believe she has the power she claims. Readers who do will be reassured that dear departed ones are watching over them, closer than they imagine. (Eagle Brook/Morrow, $19.95)

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