By People Staff
November 28, 1994 12:00 PM


This Seattle quintet’s last album, 1990’s Empire, sold over 3 million copies and established them as a heavy-metal star attraction. ‘How Promised Land confirms the group’s status. They once again manage to use their stellar musicianship to successfully combine thunderous, intricately arranged rockers and mournfully alluring ballads. With its rumbling rhythm and biting guitars, “I Am I” is an immediately seductive power-rock song, and the sad “Out of Mind” captivates with its pretty acoustic-pop textures. Whether delivering a sizzling Zeppelin-esque stomper or a solemn, piano-based track, Queensrÿche’s music rarely strays from a self-conscious theme of alienation and discontent, but even heavy lyrics can’t sink this energetic album. (EMI)