April 18, 1988 12:00 PM

“I have sooo much to tell you about growing plants!” burbles John Lenanton, our oh-so-animated! guide. “So come on, let’s go out into the garden!!!” In 60 minutes Lenanton, a college horticulture instructor, covers such topics as preparing soil, broadcasting seeds, nurturing transplants, caring for trees and shrubs and much more. And don’t worry, weeds are not neglected. The deep-rooted ones will “grow back, and they’ll haunt you forever more!! What you’ve got to do is kill them off first!!” (The weapon: the herbicidal chemical glyphosate.) Segments are short but strong on tips, and Lenanton’s blooming personality is more infectious than irritating, (Lorimar, $14.95; 800-323-5275)

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