February 19, 1979 12:00 PM

While Dr. Spock remains the voice from on high, this new bimonthly newsletter takes the relatively novel approach of allowing mothers and fathers to exchange information and solutions with one another. Published by Vicki Lansky, 35, a Minnesotan with two children aged 5 and 8, the offset-printed journal has excerpts from sources like the Archives of Dermatology and the Harvard Medical School Health Letter. But most of it is devoted to a breezy exchange of problems and possible answers from readers with recent hands-on experience. (The current first issue relies on a prepublication questionnaire for reader responses.) Lansky—who previously wrote The Taming of the C.A.N.D.Y. Monster, the sleeper paperback best-seller about how to cut down kids’ junk-food intake, offers some suggestions on vegetarian diets for babies. A Green Bay mother supplies a list of questions to help determine if one’s child has reached the Terrible Twos (Sample: “Is your child’s latest hairdo the Chunky-Jif look?”). And a number of parents answer the query, “How have you coped with biting?” Writes one: “Bite back, it’s the only way.” Another says, “I cried. He stopped.” None of which can or should replace a trained pediatrician, of course, but the $5-a-year subscription price doesn’t seem too high for a few useful tips, the relief of knowing everyone else is having problems, too, and the proof that parenting is a lot closer to being an art than a science.

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