Herbert Teison
June 01, 1981 12:00 PM

Round-trip advance-purchase excursion air fare via TAP from New York runs $499 to $638, depending on season and length of stay. Upon arrival, a unique tour is offered by Extra Value Travel, called “Pousada Vacations.” EVT provides a car, an itinerary of country inns (pousadas), and you’re on your own. On a per-person basis, the charge is $315 ($255 off-season), for seven nights’ lodging with continental breakfasts and a Morris Mini, to $1,195 ($1,089 off-season), for 22 days and a Morris Marina. Claras Turismo advertises a “Portuguese Fling”: seven nights in Lisbon and/or Estoril from $159 to $380 (depending on accommodations), continental breakfasts and a half-day sightseeing.

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