October 29, 2007 12:00 PM

• The 26-year-old producer of Britney Spears‘s ‘Gimme More’ previews his upcoming projects with everyone from Madonna to Duran Duran

ON WORKING WITH BRITNEY We joke around. She’ll chew ice in the booth, so all you hear is crunching on the mic. The songs we did are hard-hitting, darker and sexier. She wants to create things that will constantly have you moving.

ON MARIAH CAREY, THE PRO She came to the studio really dressed, like she was going to the club. She was way cooler than what I thought. One song is 808 [drum machine] driven, but she still did her Mariah thing. I was blown away at how good she sounded. And I think she was sick.

ON BRAINSTORMING WITH DURAN DURAN It was a fun vibe. Everyone—the drummer, the bassist, the keyboard player—dumped ideas into the pot. It’s dance clubby with some rock and Simon [LeBon] sounds as good as ever.

ON GIVING MADONNA EDGE The songs are crazy. It’s harder with a hip-hop influence but you can still dance to it.

ON MISSY ELLIOTT’S SOFTER SIDE There’s hot dance stuff, but she’s a whole new person. She’s more melodic, but she can still come with raps.

ON SIMPLE PLAN’S COMPLEX SOUND They’re groundbreaking, [mixing] rock, pop, R&B and techno without losing focus.

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