April 18, 1988 12:00 PM

Showtime (Sat., April 16, 10 p.m. ET)


From the cable network that brought you Garry Shandling and Super Dave—bless ’em—comes a new sitcom, an even weirder one. Mary Jo Keenen plays the shapely hypotenuse of a love triangle with her almost-ex-husband (James Van Patten) and her boyfriend (Victor Slezak). Poor Van Patten may be a boxer and big, but he’s sensitive and still in love, so Keenen won’t let him down, even gently. That, of course, drives Slezak crazy, so he tries to play matchmaker for his girlfriend’s husband. They have a dinner party hoping to mate Van Patten with Andrea (SCTV) Martin, but she’s having difficulty with her love life. She’s not picky enough—”I’m a nymphomaniac; every man I go out with I have some form of sex with,” At the party she ends up with the first man she sees, the wrong man, Bud (Harold and Maude) Cort, who’s having romantic problems of his own—his fiancée used to be gay. All the best moments are Martin’s and Cort’s, and at the end, when the credits roll, we discover the bad news: They are merely guest stars.

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