March 23, 1987 12:00 PM

by Harry Carson and Jim Smith

After the Super Bowl comes the inevitable deluge of books by personnel from the winning team, part of a media blitz that makes any team’s pass rush seem halfhearted. This first tome about this year’s champs, the New York Giants, could be called for a publishing offsides, since it was on the stands before the game. It’s still worth a look. Carson is a brainy if brutal linebacker and the team’s spiritual leader. He was also the guy who doused head coach Bill Parcells with Gatorade after each victory. In this diary of the 1985 season (the year the Bears won), Carson seems a basically warmhearted guy who plays a basically coldhearted game. The $300,000 salary relieves the sting, but as he puts it, “I’ve always felt that if you put your heart and soul into something and get rejected, it’s devastating.” After nearly a decade of losing, Carson knows devastation. While recalling that era, he also delves into his passion for soap operas, the time he tried to give the Giants back his paycheck when he felt he was playing badly (they refused) and the history of the Gatorade ritual. Football junkies can use the book to tide them over until spring practice. (McGraw-Hill, $ 16.95)

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