November 23, 2009 12:00 PM

>In this amusing if slight comedy, a ship anchored off England’s coast is the base station for broadcasting illegal rock radio back to enthusiastic British listeners in the mid-’60s. Here’s to its mighty crew:

PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN has a grand time portraying the ship’s sole American DJ, who knows life may never get better than this.

BILL NIGHY, a resplendent peacock in swinging ’60s finery, silkily plays a savvy businessman who toils mightily to keep the ship afloat.

EMMA THOMPSON, who clambers aboard for only a few scenes, is a hoot as an aging hot tomato with more than one former beau on deck.

RHYS IFANS shows up to add comic punch as a wildman veteran DJ whose passion for rock is exceeded only by his passion for the ladies.

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