December 12, 1988 12:00 PM

Designed for recreational racers, this 45-minute tape, hosted by 1983 U.S. Pro Tour champion Reidar Wahl, is full of fine high-speed photography. (Bogner produced and directed the tape but doesn’t appear.) Wahl performs exercises to do before putting on skis, as well as free-skiing drills to improve carve turns. For skiing through slalom gates, he discusses the importance of choosing the right line down the course. “You can only accomplish this by starting your turn early,” he says. He gives you tips on the start and finish and on handling ruts. There’s also a section on preseason conditioning, as well as a nicely detailed segment on tuning your skis by doing such things as sharpening the edges and waxing. (IVE, $19.95; 800-782-8226)

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