February 15, 1993 12:00 PM

Jesus Jones

Mike Edwards, Jesus Jones front man and sole songwriter (and Sassy magazine pinup boy), has often stated that “Right Here, Right Now,” the smash single from the band’s 1991 breakthrough, Doubt, may be the best song he has written.

Judging by Perverse, he could be correct. Not that the third disc from England’s pop-techno darlings hasn’t got its enthralling moments, but it has a few lows and, worse, long middling stretches that go nowhere. At times Edwards seems so intrigued by computers that he fails to give the tracks form and direction, as on the bombastic but pointless “Spiral.”

Thankfully, underneath Edwards’s cyberpunk shell beats the heart of a pop craftsman, which of course is what made “Right Here” so great. Edwards registers with the shimmering, mad dash “Get a Good Thing” and with the single “The Devil You Know,” which is anchored by a seductive Middle Eastern shading. At his best, Edwards weds Beatles-esque harmonies and precision to a cacophonous undercurrent, creating postnuclear love songs that work on and off the dance floor. (SBK)”

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