By People Staff
Updated May 29, 1978 12:00 PM

by Jill Robinson

The daughter of writer-film executive Dore Schary, Robinson told about her life as a Hollywood brat, troubled wife, speed freak and exuberant lover in her often painfully candid memoir, Bed/Time/Story. This novel, which covers 10 years in the life of the daughter of an old Hollywood film family, covers similar terrain and is equally compelling. Susanna Howard, who is 14 when the story begins, is not always likable and spends most of the 431 pages stubbornly pursuing her wandering father. She is also aware of her difficulty in differentiating between real life and 1940s movie plots. (“Have I wandered into a black-and-white Dane Clark detective movie?” her heroine muses at one point.) The book is slightly long and contrived, but Robinson writes with rewarding energy, sensuality and wit. (Knopf, $9.95)