By People Staff
September 22, 1980 12:00 PM

>•AMERICAN COUNTRY, by Mary Ellisor Emmerling. This handsome volume makes folk furnishings and crafts look marvelous.

•THE FORBIDDEN EXPERIMENT, by Roger Shattuck. The story of a wild boy found in France circa 1800 allows the author to explore the nature of innocence and mankind.

•HUMAN SCALE, by Kirkpatrick Sale. Bigger rarely means better, argues Sale in his meticulous case for shrinking government, business and every other outsize institution,

•MUSIC FOR CHAMELEONS, by Truman Capote. It’s worth putting up with the nastiness to catch the old pro combining his unique sensibility and imagery in this collection of short semiautobiographical “faction.”

•A POLITICAL FABLE, by Robert Coover. Only someone as audaciously original as Coover could bring off a novel about the Cat in the Hat campaigning for the Presidency,

•THE SECOND COMING, by Walker Percy. The hero of an earlier Percy novel, Will Barrett, is older and sadder, but when this novel is over, he’s wiser; so is the reader.

•SHELLEY: ALSO KNOWN AS SHIRLEY, by Shelley Winters. The actress knows all about the romantic prowess of Brando, Lancaster, Holden and Flynn—she was there.