June 02, 1980 12:00 PM

>•DR. FISCHER OF GENEVA, OR THE BOMB PARTY by Graham Greene—It’s an entertaining mystery, not to mention a parable about evil.

•ERROL FLYNN by Charles Higham—The dashing movie hero was bisexual and a Nazi spy? The author argues that Errol was both.

•IN THE STRONG WOODS by Paul Lehmberg—A series of quiet, penetrating essays re-create a summer alone at a cabin by a lake.

•PREPARATIONS FOR THE ASCENT by Gilbert Rogin—For brilliant writing, Rogin’s novel of an unhappy, aging New York man is one of 1980’s best.

•LORD VALENTINE’S CASTLE by Robert Silverberg—This fat sci-fi work whose amnesiac hero roams the netherworld reads like the dream of a genius.

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