By Chuck Arnold Gillian Telling
May 05, 2014 12:00 PM

>This is your first album in 18 years. What’s it like being in the spotlight again?

In some ways it feels like I’m starting over, and that’s exciting—like I’m getting the chance to repaint the picture of myself. People think I’ve just been in a coma since 1984, except for popping up on occasion to get into trouble!

You’ve been busy deejaying since your last album. How does that compare to playing live shows?

Performing live is different because you can take people through a whole array of emotions. With deejaying, you’re just there to make people feel happy and dance.

Do you do Culture Club songs in concert?

We do. My shows are always something old, something new, something borrowed. My back catalog is the lifeblood of any show, but we change it around.

Can we expect a Culture Club reunion any time?

Absolutely! We’re recording in May, and I’m very excited about what we’ve written. We’re not the same as we were 30 years ago, but we were always pretty eclectic, so we can kind of be what we want now.

You’ve been sober for six years. How’s it feel?

I feel very secure in my sobriety. I’d never sacrifice what I have now for a drink or a drug. Sobriety has allowed me to come back to my work with a gratitude and passion that I didn’t know I had before.