By Ralph Novak
November 14, 1988 12:00 PM

Like Miller, Reiser is a regular TV performer (My Two Dads) moonlighting as a stand-up comic in this 1987 HBO show. Unlike Miller, his humor is innocuous and lame. Reiser never gets much more relevant than an imitation of his dog begging for a potato chip. Half of the one-hour tape is a performance in Los Angeles, the other half a story about Reiser pursuing a mysterious woman; the story part is saved from total vapidity only by cameos from such entertaining people as Carol Kane (playing a loopy gypsy fortune-teller), Teri Garr (as a waitress) and Carrie Fisher (as a magician’s assistant disgusted by her inept boss). Elliott Gould appears too as—what else?—someone who goes around mugging relentlessly. (Vestron, $59.98; 203-978-5568)