April 05, 1982 12:00 PM

Patty Weaver

Actor-rocker Rick (General Hospital) Springfield was the first to make the soaps a kind of Sin Pan Alley. But not the last. Any day now on NBC’s Days of Our Lives the audience is liable to hear the following dialogue between Trish Banning (played by actress-turned-singer Patty Weaver) and her new lover, Woody King: (Fade in on organ music)

Trish: Woody, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I…I’ve done something…

Woody: What is it? Don’t tell me, you’ve killed your mother the same way you killed your stepfather—with a flat iron.

Trish: No, silly, I’ve just…

Woody: You’re not depressed again because of your miserable childhood and checkered past?

Trish: No! I’m feeling fine. Really.

Woody: Then…what is it?

Trish: I’ve got a record.

Woody: You mean you’ve…you’ve been to jail? Trish: No, no, no. A record like vinyl, Top 40. Woody: Don’t tell me this is another personality emerging. You’ve already had three. Pretty soon you’ll be up there with Sybil.

Trish: No, Patty Weaver is my real name when I’m not playing this bimbo on Days of Our Lives. I really have a musical career. I sing rock and people tell me I’m pretty good. I sing tunes like Don’t Want a Heartache, I Wanted It All and Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt. Right on the money, eh?

Woody: Yeah, but is it the right thing in our lives?

Trish: I love you, but frankly, my recording career comes first right now, so take a hike.

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