October 22, 1979 12:00 PM

There’s this guy Patrick, and he’s been lying comatose for three years. But he’s got a strange power to do things from his hospital bed, where he’s hooked up to a lot of machines that keep him breathing. Patrick even falls in love with his new nurse and communicates through a typewriter. When she sits down to write something, he takes over, beaming thoughts at her while her fingers do the typing. Whenever anybody else comes around her, he throws a tantrum. The lights go dim, elevators stop and things move on desks. The telekinesis theme is shopworn, and the cast is mostly unknowns; but there’s some good acting by Susan Penhaligon as the nurse and Robert Helpmann as the slightly nutty doctor who runs the clinic. As for Pat himself, Robert Thompson should get some kind of Academy Award; it can’t be easy keeping your eyes open without a blink for a whole movie. (PG)

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