June 18, 2001 12:00 PM

Brad Paisley (Arista)

Ablum of the week


Here’s one young man with some respect for his elders. On his second album this 28-year-old West Virginian turns in a strong version of the hymn “Old Rugged Cross,” even adding an introduction (from a taped broadcast) by Grand Ole Opry mainstay Little Jimmie Dickens. Two other stalwarts, George Jones and Buck Owens, sing on the pleasingly sarcastic “Too Country” (“Is the grace too amazing, is the steeple too tall/ Are there too many ‘Yes, Sirs’ ‘Yes, Ma’ams’ and ‘How’re y’alls’?”) Paisley and songwriting partner Chely Wright collaborate on the clever “Come On Over Tonight,” about a man breaking his vow to tame a wandering eye: “We’ll sit on the swing/ Watch the pigs fly by, flappin’ their brand new wings.” It was Peter Allen, hardly a good ol’ boy, who wrote that “everything old is new again.” But the sentiment is as true in Nashville as it is on Broadway.

Bottom Line: Sticking with the traditions what brung him

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