By Tom Gliatto Rennie Dyball Scott Huver
January 21, 2008 12:00 PM

On A&E’s spooky new series, Buell, 25, and his collegiate ghost-hunting club lend a hand to the haunted

As a child, Ryan Buell says, he was haunted by an apparition. But “what was really scary,” he recalls, “was that I couldn’t talk to anyone about it.” So as a Penn State sophomore in 2001, he founded the Paranormal Research Society, a group of student investigators who, with psychics and counselors, set out to help people dealing with supernatural issues. Now A&E is chronicling their cases on camera. “One episode is about the demonic and the next is about a girl who’s seeing dead people in Vegas,” says Buell. And after 2.5 million watched the premiere, he’s experiencing another phenomenon: “I’ve been getting hit on left and right,” he says with a laugh. “People say, ‘You’re so sexy.’ And I’m like, doing what? Standing in a dark room talking about demons? It’s cool…and kinda weird!”