September 17, 1984 12:00 PM

ABC (Tuesdays, 9 p.m. ET)

Premiere: Tuesday, Sept. 18, 9 p.m. ET

Spectacular trash! The scene is New York and the world of high-fashion modeling: beautiful people, ugly lives. “Modeling is hard work,” Jennifer (Celebrity) Warren says to her innocent, beautiful, Brooke-esque daughter, Terry Farrell. “It’s never eating ice cream again…. It’s being treated like a piece of meat.” Paper Dolls is one great butcher shop. And Morgan (Flamingo Road) Fairchild is the butcher, the models’ agent, “the divine Jaws IV” to her friends, a woman who can spend half a show just saying the word “darling.” “Daaaarrlliinngg,” she meows to Mimi (The Rousters) Rogers, “you are going to love being 30. Hey, you still have the best cheekbones in the business.” Retract claws, change clothes, move on to next scene. Rogers is the daughter of corporate magnate Lloyd (Sea Hunt) Bridges, the sister of bad-guy fashion heir Dack (All My Children) Rambo and the wife of nice but nearly bankrupt designer Richard (West Side Story) Beymer. She competes for Morgan’s attention with Brenda Vaccaro’s daughter on the show, Nicollette Sheridan—a sour-16 kid low on cocaine—and Farrell, the new No. 1 teen model, a sweet kid who’s sure to take a slide into sin in episodes to come. You don’t just need a scorecard to figure out who’s mean to whom, you need a computer, which means that this sleazecom has staying power. The people are gorgeous—newcomer Farrell is a real discovery—and so are their clothes, their hair and their homes. Trendy is their middle name: Bobby Short performs at their parties; their aerobics instructors make house calls. Of course it’s preposterous, but that’s what makes it delightful fun to watch. Paper Dolls is a winner.

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