By People Staff
October 09, 1989 12:00 PM

Highway 101

Let’s hope that Paulette Carlson, Cactus Moser, Jack Daniels and Curtis Stone never succumb to Creative Differences Syndrome. They have gotten their country music act together so well it would be a shame for them to break it up.

This is the group’s third album, and it’s full of lively, smart songs sung with intensity and emotion by Carlson and played with verve by her and her bandmates.

Produced by Paul Worley and Ed Seay, the album ranges from playful (Roger Miller and Justin Tubbs’s “Walkin’, Talk-in’, Cryin’, Barely Beatin’ Broken Heart”) to regretful (the Tommy Rocco-Kerry Chater-Jesse Read tune “I Can’t Love You Baby”) to melancholy (a welcome version of James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James”). Gretchen Peters’s “I’ll Paint the Town” is noteworthy too, if only because it adds to the list of town-painting songs (“Let’s Paint the Town,” “Paint This Town,” “Paint the Town Blue,” “I’m Painting the Town Red,” “Paint the Town and Hang the Moon Tonight,” et al).

Carlson, who generates a unique sweet-tough sound, probably should be singled out for praise, but let’s not do it, lest anyone start getting solo-career ideas and ruin the fun. (Warner Bros.)