July 08, 1985 12:00 PM

Pinkard & Bowden

The country equivalent of Weird Al, this pair can be as tasteless as they come: “I hope your new lover likes pink with black and blue/’Cause if you don’t quit running ’round on me/I’m going to beat the cheat out of you.” And then there’s “She has no snout/But she’s no doubt/The biggest pig I’ve known.” Don’t even ask about Don’t Pet the Dog (“He gets it confused with romance”). Anyone who can get past that kind of stuff might enjoy this album by two veterans of country music. Try Dylan for Dollars: “We’ve traded Dylan for dollars and two-story homes/Now all that we protest are high interest loans.” And it is hard to resist Elvis Was a Narc: “Who’s that comin’ through the park/Dressed in rhinestones after dark/Lookin’ way too fat to be a cop/Keepin’ Memphis clean/From his long black limousine…He knew every pill he’d eat/Would be one less on the street/Elvis took ’em all for you and me.” Okay, guys, taste isn’t everything. (Warner Bros.)

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