By People Staff
August 20, 1984 12:00 PM


Dayton, Ohio seems to be a spawning ground for hot dance groups. That’s where Roger Troutman keeps his funk factory, churning out records under two or three different names. The founding members of Lakeside, a nine-man band that will make you get up out of your chair—and maybe make the chair dance too—also hail from that Midwestern city. Lakeside’s previous hits on the dance charts, Pull My Strings and Fantastic Voyage, were no flukes, as the group proves on its eighth album with such gyrators as Restrictions and the title cut. The boys in the band are slightly less satisfying on the down-tempo tunes; on ballads Make It Right and Show You the Way they sound like a pale version of Earth, Wind & Fire. And on Worn & Torn the verse is strikingly similar to the Chicago hit 25 or 6 to 4. When the Lakesiders crank it up, though, they’re hot as a blast furnace in July. (Solar)