By Tom Gliatto
November 02, 1998 12:00 PM

Trey Parker, Dian Bachar

Parker, who recently struck out in BASEketball, an alleged comedy co-starring his fellow South Park creator Matt Stone, does better this time, directing, writing and starring. He gets to first base.

Parker plays a Mormon who, while traveling door to door in Los Angeles to win souls, gets suckered into a porn-movie role, that of a superhero named Orgazmo. The work is immoral, but the money will allow him and his fiancée to wed in the big temple in Salt Lake City. He becomes a star, of sorts, then a real hero, of sorts, thanks to a weapon invented by the man cast as Orgazmo’s sidekick (Bachar). It’s a ray gun that with one pink-neon zap triggers instant ecstasy.

The movie is rated NC-17, but it’s so lazy, dumb and scattershot that the sum is less offensive than might be expected. Despite his outrageous reputation as a cartoonist, Parker the actor is low-key and slightly dippy. He’s amusing. With better material, he might even be funny.

Bottom Line: It wasn’t good for me