February 01, 1993 12:00 PM

Ya Kid K

How ironic that on those Revlon commercials the music Cindy Crawford “shake[s] that bahhdee” to is “Move This,” the opening cut of One World Nation. When Ya Kid K first cut the song as the voice of the pop-techno group Technotronic, a model doubled for her in the video. Silly. Whether she’s propping up a friend or tossing away a scamming man, the strength, sense and sexiness of this 19-year-old Zairian-born singer-rapper is more than skin deep. On the title track her anger about racism is real. Her passion on the sultry (and sung) “Risky Business” is molten. Her control on “You Told Me Sex” proves she can hold the calm center of a techno maelstrom. And her sense of fun on the smoking “Let This House-beat Drop” is contagious.

Ya Kid K and crew have come up with solid songs that are enhanced rather than obscured by the potent rhythms (though some cuts go on too long). Embracing reggae, African, house (neo-disco) and rave styles, she delivers a sassy, funky shout to the power of the beat. (SBK)

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