October 19, 1998 12:00 PM

Stephen Baldwin, Chris Penn, Mike McGlone, Gina Gershon

One staple of 1930s movies was stories about two pals who grew up together, one becoming a cop (or priest) and the other a hood; yet they remained buddies and even loved the same gal. Sixty years later, One Tough Cop is that same old story but with lots more swearing. Loosely based on the true exploits of ace ex-New York City cop Bo Dietl, Cop shows Dietl (Baldwin, looking and acting like a pit bull) solving a big case with sturdy police work and a tip from an ol’ pal (McGlone), now a mob boss. Directed by Bruno Barreto, Cop is solid but has no surprises. Except, that is, for Amy Irving (now Mrs. Barreto), who’s nearly unrecognizable as a foulmouthed fed. (R)

Bottom Line: Adequate, but can’t hold a handcuff to NYPD Blue or Homicide

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