People Staff
June 01, 1981 12:00 PM

Ed Bruce

There could be no finer example of pure, branch-water country music than Bruce’s eighth album. To say his sound evokes Don Williams does not imply imitation. Both deep-drawling men have largely ignored the current slick trends in country, peeling off layers of overproduction to rediscover the origins of Nashville music—acoustic and electric guitar, rich harmonies, affecting yet unaffected lyrics. Songs like (When You Fall In Love) Everything’s a Waltz, Thirty-Nine and Holding and Hundred Dollar Lady are all in the mid-tempo, lilting groove Bruce achieved on his last LP with the hit Diane. Bruce, who co-wrote three tunes, tastefully added such material as Jesse Winchester’s Evil Angel and Tom Rush’s No Regrets. Bruce begins that number with a quiet guitar and an almost melancholy groan (as did Rush), but the song swells to a moving finish. Along the way, Bruce, 41, takes you through some truly exquisite country.

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