By People Staff
May 18, 1987 12:00 PM

Smokey Robinson

The smoothest of the old smoothies, Robinson is still, after 30 years as a performer, keeping up the good name of romance. The title tune, written by Steve LeGassick and Brian Ray, is a prime example of the kind of cuddling music—”How could somethin’ so easy make me feel so complete”—Smokey was making when most of today’s pop crooners were still part of the future generations. The most fun on the album is the Robinson-Marsha Gold song It’s Time to Stop Shoppin’ Around. A tribute to the memorable 1960 hit Smokey had with his group the Miracles, Shop Around, it’s also a gently funky and witty track on its own, with a backing vocal by the Temptations and lyrics that come right out of the Motown thesaurus: “It’s time to stop Shoppin’ Around/ It’s time to stop Dukin’ of Earl/ It’s time to stop Jimmy Mackin’ and/ Get myself Back in Your Arms Again.” Robinson has managed to thrive over the years without changing his approach perceptibly. Just to See Her from this LP is another in a string of commercial and artistic successes that attests to thoughtful song selection by him and his producers—Peter Bunetta and Rick Chudacoff in this case. Not everybody has to be constantly heading off in search of new musical frontiers all the time and it’s a considerable pleasure to be able to count on Robinson doing what he does so well and with such admirable taste. (Motown)