By People Staff
June 24, 1985 12:00 PM

by Brooke Shields

The book is divided into such chapters as Health and Nutrition (“Drink lots of water”), Fitness (“Working out makes me feel and look great all over”), Grades (“Good grades mean that I’m growing intellectually”), Parents (“My mother keeps pushing me out of the nest”), Boyfriends (“I’m willing to admit that I’m a virgin because I feel so strongly about it”) and Time Alone (“I love to lock myself away in my room and listen to music”). Every possible platitude has been collected in On Your Own along with 189 photographs of Shields from infancy to Princeton, including magazine covers and celebrity hugs with Michael Jackson, John Travolta and Tom Selleck. The pictures of course are the point. Or maybe it’s the hair. She has a lot of hair. Anyway, this silly book won’t do any lasting damage either to publishing or to the teenage girls for whom it is intended. (Villard, $16.95)