October 28, 1996 12:00 PM

>Jenny McCarthy

PLACE: South Bend, Ind. BOOK: MTV’s Singled Out Guide to Dating AUTOGRAPHS SIGNED: 1,800


Hormone Central when 1,800 fans—about 95 percent of them male and under 20—lined up to meet gen-X dream girl Jenny McCarthy, 23, cohost of MTV’s Singled Out. McCarthy flirted with speechless high schoolers and giddy college freshmen (“Hey, babe, thanks for coming down”), kidded with adoring adolescents (“You’re a little doll, do you have a girlfriend?”), and cheerfully signed copies of her book (hip tips for the lovelorn), her new Surfin’ Safari CD and even copies of Playboy (with guess who on the cover).

Many worshippers posed for pictures with their goofy goddess, while some lucky fans got a peck on the hand. “She looks gorgeous,” sighed Aaron Nolan, 20, a premed student at nearby Notre Dame. “I skip classes to watch her show.” His schoolmate Ryan McCallister, 18, went further. “I’ll probably travel around the country, just following her.” McCarthy, who lives in Los Angeles with her manager Ray Manzella, weathered the attention by recalling her days as a high school wallflower. “If they only knew,” she said, “all the people said no to me when I asked them out.”

At 6:15, with the last fan appeased, McCarthy rushed off to a Notre Dame pep rally. “I try my best,” she explained, “to make fans feel like they got a lot in two seconds.” Mission accomplished.

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