May 04, 1981 12:00 PM

by Kathy Cronkite

According to Walter’s daughter, children of celebrities grow up in constant fear that every person they meet will ask them about their famous parent. Most believe that anything said to them or done for them is because of their fame by association. The kids, alas, are usually right. The author interviewed Arlo Guthrie, Jack Ford, John Ritter, Amy Wallace (Irving’s daughter), Francesca Hilton, John Blyth Barrymore and Susan Newman, among others. Her book is interesting because her subjects were cooperative and revealed some intimate things about their parents. Mark Vonnegut (son of Kurt) explains he grew up “as the son of a not very good car salesman. I was 18 or so before he really became well-known.” Chris Buckley says of his father, the formidable William F., “It’s funny, the most revealing comments he often makes about me, I read in newspapers or magazines.” Cronkite’s style is chatty and cheerful, though the book is dedicated to Alan Scott Newman, Paul’s son, who died in 1978 from an alcohol-and-drug overdose. (Morrow, $12.95)

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