Picks and Pans Review: On My Own Again

David Frizzell

Speaking of Haggard sound-alikes, Frizzell sounds a lot like late brother Lefty, and Haggard himself sounds a lot like Lefty, so therefore…Anyway, this album includes one of the best country-music lines of the year, in the Tommy Rocco-Charlie Black-Jerry Gillespie tune, She’s Ready for Someone to Love Her: “Her heart has had more knocks than any gypsy’s tambourine.” It’s a good enough tune to make all but the most fastidious listener overlook the ghoulish nature of We Won’t Be Hearing “Always Late” Anymore. The tune features Frizzell and brother Allen (husband of David’s sometime duet partner Shelly West) with snatches of records by Lefty himself patched in.

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