By Terry Kelleher
Updated October 04, 1999 12:00 PM

ABC (Fridays, 9:30 p.m. ET)

For openers, what about the title of this adolescent new sitcom? It’s about a 15-year-old boy, Andrew (Erik von Detten), who feels like a discrimination victim in a house dominated by females—his widowed mother, Julia (Markie Post from Night Court); his playgirl aunt, Jordan (Jessica Capshaw); and his sisters, aspiring model Paige (Natalia Cigliuti), 14-year-old nonconformist Val (Vicki Davis) and 10-year-old smarty-pants Elizabeth (Marina Malota). But Andrew does live there, right? So why not Odd Man In?

Call the show what you will, Andrew and his ever-present pal Keith (Trevor Fehrman) seem determined to confirm the belief that teenage males have one thing on their minds. Though lank-haired Andrew is a rather goofy kid (except when he’s unexpectedly citing 14th-century history or faulting Keith’s “bad metaphors”), the chicks appear to dig him. The Sept. 24 premiere finds him with two hot prospects, and in an upcoming episode a well-built blonde in the senior class invites him to come to her house and “bring the condoms.” Keith, on the other hand, constantly bemoans his datelessness and slavers and gibbers whenever Paige comes near.

When the hormonal hilarity lets up, at least the obligatory heart-to-heart talks don’t get too drippy. In fact, the mentions of departed Dad are remarkably jocular considering that he has been dead only a year. This is a family that lives for the battle-of-the-sexes banter of today.

Bottom Line: Not for mature audiences