September 18, 1978 12:00 PM


“I feel like a rolling stone,” moans lead vocalist Phil Mogg on a UFO tune called Cherry. No wonder. Despite having recorded four previous albums and a 1977 hit, Too Hot to Handle, the L.A. group still sounds like an imitation of middle-period Rolling Stones raunch. Even the title of one track, Hot ‘n’ Ready, is Stonish, as is the way Mogg bites into the short-phrased lyrics over a driving rhythm background. (UFO is also a little short on originality with titles; in addition to Cherry, there’s a Born to Lose on this album.) When the group lays back a little and doesn’t confuse volume with intensity, as on Lookin’ Out for No. 1, it can be effective. Too much of what UFO produces, though, springs from origins all too easily identifiable.

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