October 10, 1988 12:00 PM

by James T. Pendergrast

Pendergrast is a cartoonist whose work appears in such magazines as Rolling Stone and Spy. His view of the universe ranges from jaundiced to a curse-the-scowling-destiny-full-speed-ahead approach, and the 150 panels in this collection are very funny when they’re comprehensible. There are such mysteries as a drawing of a low-slung building in what may be a desert—a prison? a shopping mall? an indoor stadium with a very low roof? The caption says only “Da-Da-DUM!!!’ Most of the time, though, Pendergrast makes himself only too clear. His sample ballot lists three candidates: “A jerk from a major party;” “A nerd from the other;” “A nobody.” One panel labeled “A scratch ‘n’ sniff drawing” shows two dogs, one scratching and one sniffing. Another shows a man watching TV and hearing: “With the broadcast of the Elmwood City Elks Club home movies, we have shown you everything there is to see. The television industry is calling it quits. Goodbye.” Hey! You don’t suppose this guy Pendergrast is one of those smart-alecky cynics, do you? (Vintage, paper, $6.95)

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