June 12, 1978 12:00 PM

Nunzio (David Proval) is a retarded innocent abroad delivering groceries in a tough section of Brooklyn. Italian family sagas being what they are, Nunzio of course has a protective mama (Morgana King, inescapably typecast since The Godfather) and a street-smart but loving brother, James Andronica. Andronica proves to be the most sympathetic fellow in the picture, not surprisingly perhaps since he wrote it. He leaves Proval to bumble about as neighborhood stooge, when the poor boy isn’t swooping around in a cape pretending to be Superman. The audience suffers through a movie that, while sweet (the heavy sex scene was trimmed to lighten the rating), has little action and little characterization. Nunzio may think he’s Superman, but Andronica, obviously, thinks he’s Stallone. (PG)

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