February 25, 2008 12:00 PM

DEFINITELY, MAYBE Baby-faced Ryan Reynolds none too convincingly plays a divorcing father who, while telling his young daughter (Abigail Breslin) about the three great romances of his life (Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz and Isla Fisher), finally figures out which woman he really loves. Though uneven and meandering, this one is snappier than those recent wretched romantic comedies Fool’s Gold and Over Her Dead Body—but not by much. (PG-13)

JUMPER Brevity—it’s only 88 minutes long—is the biggest plus going for this soulless sci-fi action movie about a young man (a robotic Hayden Christensen) who can magically teleport himself from one location to another in an instant. While likely to appeal to teen audiences, adult filmgoers will feel that they’ve seen it before, and done more cleverly. Rachel Bilson, Michael Rooker, Jamie Bell, Samuel L. Jackson and Diane Lane costar. (PG-13)

THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES Twins (Freddie Highmore, playing dual roles) discover the house they’ve moved into is under attack by a horrible monster (Nick Nolte). This fantasy tale is well-acted (a special shout-out to Mary-Louise Parker as the boys’ mom) and affecting, but it’s way too scary for kids under 8. So what if there’s no swearing or nudity? Any film where a kid knifes his dad (knowing he’s really a demon in disguise) should be at least PG-13. (PG)

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