August 13, 2001 12:00 PM

America’s Sweethearts Toothless Hollywood spoof is enjoyable light summer fare. Julia Roberts, John Cusack and Catherine Zeta-Jones star. (PG-13)

Bread and Tulips After accidentally being left behind by a tour bus while on a family vacation, a housewife (Licia Maglietta) finds a job as a florist in Venice and amour with a brooding restaurateur (Bruno Ganz) in a slender though zesty Italian comedy. (Not rated)

Ghost World Don’t miss this wonderfully quirky coming-of-age story about a teenage girl (Thora Birch) trying to figure out life after high school. Steve Buscemi costars as a nerd. (R)

Jurassic Park III Dinos attack, people run. Too scary for small fry. (PG-13)

Planet of the Apes Too much monkey business. Director Tim Burton’s redo of the 1968 original is visually impressive and dramatically inert. (PG-13)

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