By Leah Rozen
July 17, 2000 12:00 PM

>Chicken Run The yolks keep coming in a delightful comedy about plucky fowl trying to escape from an egg farm. This family film is by the clay-animation geniuses behind Wallace & Gromit. (G)

Croupier Want to actually pay attention at the movies? Catch this intriguing thriller about a frustrated writer (Clive Owen) who learns that true life trumps fiction when he gets a job at a London casino. (Not rated)

Gladiator Russell Crowe rules in a rousing Roman-era epic. (R)

Me, Myself & Irene A slapstick farce from the duo behind There’s Something About Mary stars Jim Carrey as a cop with two personalities. Like Mary, it’s crude and very funny. (R)

The Patriot Mel Gibson talks softly but carries a big tomahawk in a bloody Revolutionary War epic. Well-paced, intelligent first half, but then it peters out. (R)

The Perfect Storm Imperfect movie. A fishing boat’s crew (including George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg) is imperiled at sea by a massive storm. Great special effects keep weak characters from sinking altogether. (PG-13)

Shaft Samuel L. Jackson is so baaad. Fun, but about as filling as popcorn. (R)