June 05, 2000 12:00 PM

>Battlefield Earth John Travolta’s pet sci-fi project is a must to avoid. Beyond bad. (PG-13)

Croupier Intriguing British thriller about a struggling novelist (Clive Owen) who gets hired as a croupier in a shady London casino. (Not rated)

Dinosaur Visually impressive but dramatically inert, this Disney film features computer-animated dinosaurs lumbering along against live-action landscapes. Too scary for small fry. (PG)

Frequency Time-travel drama about a father and son works far better than it ought to. Stars Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. (PG-13)

Gladiator Thumbs up. Brawny Russell Crowe commands center arena in rousing swords-and-sandals epic. (R)

Hamlet The dialectical Dane (Ethan Hawke) wanders morosely through contemporary, money-mad Manhattan in director Michael Almereyda’s clever updating of Shakespeare’s classic. (R)

Road Trip Rude and crude but gets its share of laughs as a quartet of college guys hit the highway. (R)

Small Time Crooks Medium-size giggles. Woody Allen takes on the nouveau riche in a breezy comedy. Tracey Ullman and Elaine May shine. (PG)

The Virgin Suicides In this sensual, unsettling dream of a movie, a family of beautiful teenage sisters, doomed as if in a fairy tale, cast their erotic spell on the local boys. (R)

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