By People Staff
April 18, 1983 12:00 PM

Mac McAnally

A native of Belmont, Miss., McAnally got a start on a solo recording career about six years ago. After his first three albums did relatively nothing, he tried songsmithing for a variety of well-known clients such as Jimmy Buffett and country’s Alabama. Now, with a little more experience under his guitar strap, he’s making another career leap. As a lyricist, Mac recalls the storytelling approach of Harry Chapin or Tom T. Hall, though his plots aren’t nearly as melodramatic as theirs. Some tunes seem autobiographical, such as The City, about a country boy coping with the dangers and delights of metropolitan life. Mac lives in not-so-dangerous, if delightful, Muscle Shoals, Ala. Although he is also handy with acoustic and electric guitars and the piano, his chief talent is an ability to compose simple, affecting soft-rock melodies reminiscent of the most sensitive work of James Taylor.