January 30, 1989 12:00 PM

Bonnie Tyler

Tyler has a new producer, Desmond Child, but her fans shouldn’t fret that she has switched to madrigals and lullabies. After all, Child, who has worked with noisemakers like Bon Jovi and Cher, is not one to try to muffle Tyler’s air raid siren of a voice. The high points of this album are her from-the-gut version of Janis Joplin’s Turtle Blues and a soulful rendition of To Love Somebody, which might send the Bee Gees running in terror. Such hot property pop song writers as Michael Bolton, Holly Knight, Mike Chapman and Robbie Seidman are also represented. The songs focus on the comings and goings of love—the goings, mostly—in a generally literate way. But none of the tracks comes close to matching the set piece flamboyance of Tyler hits like Holding Out for a Hero or Total Eclipse of the Heart. She’s in good voice though; while Tyler may not be able to get high enough to shatter glass, she could probably knock the treads off a tank on volume alone. This record should please her fans, even if she isn’t opening any new envelopes. (Columbia)

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