By Jeff Jarvis
November 14, 1988 12:00 PM

Former ABC, CBS and NBC boss Fred Silverman has been blamed for bringing us much of TV’s worst, including Charlie’s Angels and Three’s Company. He is the King of Jiggle. But now his former protégé, NBC boss Brandon Tartikoff, is trying to dethrone Silverman and wear an even tawdrier crown: the Czar of Sleaze. The Satan of Slime. The Devil’s Programmer. NBC, that House of Hits, went to Hell last Oct. 25 when Tartikoff gave two hours on his airwaves—no, dammit, our airwaves—to Geraldo Rivera’s Devil Worship, the worst network show ever made. I don’t care that the ratings were respectable. The show wasn’t. Network bosses have a responsibility to give us entertaining, worthwhile or informative programs. If they do not exercise that responsibility themselves, then we TV critics will just have to shame them into it by calling them names. And who says there’s no good reason for critics to exist?