June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

To go about your conditioning regimen in a different—also more exhausting—fashion, take a look at this tape by Debbie and Carlos Rosas of the Bod Squad in San Rafael, Calif. They have developed a barefoot routine that blends modern dance movements with martial arts, Tai Chi, jazz, ballet and yoga. Whew! There is no jumping or jogging that might injure joints in this program set to original music with a New Age tinge, just an hour of fluid, willowy motions. The shapely Mr. and Mrs. Rosas guide their video class as a team, with the more advanced techniques displayed on the right side of the screen and simpler routines on the left. This invigorating workout allows for plenty of uninhibited expression for those so inclined and leaves you feeling ready to spread your wings and soar-or at least climb a step ladder without getting out of breath. (Ves-tron, $29.95,800-223-1000, ext. 909)

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