October 02, 1989 12:00 PM

CBS (Sun., Oct 1, 9 P.M. ET)


Ruggedly handsome Robert Urich and lovely Brit Lesley-Anne Down team in this murder whodunit that isn’t much of a whodunit because of a predictable script and a lack of suspects. Down, a bored, well-to-do housewife, witnesses a murder one evening while walking on the beach near her weekend retreat. The body disappears, however, and no one on the police force believes her story until one of the cops assigned to guard her gets blown away. Enter Urich as a cop and a widowed father. He not only believes her, but he also wants to seduce her. Talk about lack of respect—he barely stops to mourn his fallen comrade. Anyway, the movie is lots of fun for video voyeurs—we get to see Down running around in tight sweaters. But by, say, the 200th time the hired killers miss a shot at Down, you will wonder, can this movie be that implausible? Yes.

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