People Staff
July 21, 1980 12:00 PM

Everything about this prolonged chase movie is illogical, including the title. Except for 10 minutes or so, it takes place in bright sunshine, and there is no juggling, although that might have been a relief. The film starts promisingly as a psychotic sewer worker, Cliff (Lenny) Gorman, kidnaps the cherubic daughter of ex-New York cop James Brolin in Central Park. Problem is, he nabbed the wrong girl (he was looking for a real estate developer’s daughter), and there follows a far-fetched odyssey through Manhattan as Brolin tries to rescue his child. Considering the ease with which he overpowers street gangs, porn-house bouncers and the entire NYPD, it ought to be a snap. The onetime sidekick to Dr. Welby even defies medical science, sprinting about on an injured leg that necessitated crutches only minutes earlier. Gorman is convincingly crazy but undone by inane dialogue. Director Richard Butler, a veteran of six Disney movies, handles action sequences capably enough; yet the project is a nonstop assault on credibility. Credibility loses. (R)

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