August 30, 2004 12:00 PM

Diego Luna

This Spanish-language crime caper is a noir-pulp exercise shot in the neon-burnt colors of nighttime Mexico City. A hacker (Luna) downloads access codes to a mother lode of Swiss bank accounts, but after a dust-up with a beautiful neighbor—she realizes he has been spying on her—he hands over the wrong disk to the mobster behind the job.

The movie pursues the fatal fallout down one foul, dangerous street and up the other. It’s all too loose and ambling, in fact, to be truly compelling. It’s like Reservoir Dogs directed by alley cats. But it does boast one juicy, vicious performance: Rosa María Bianchi, as a bitter, craven hairstylist who’s a little too handy with a razor, not to mention a gun. (R)


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