August 29, 1988 12:00 PM

>TOP PICK: MOONSTRUCK Sure we were all charmed silly by this ethnic comedy about a New York Italian family afflicted with amore. Olympia Dukakis and Cher, playing mother and daughter, took home Oscars for their acting. Ditto John Patrick Shanley for a screenplay attuned to the cadences of family feuding. Now comes the real test. Does watching Moonstruck again on video make us regret our initial enthusiasm? Not at all. Darned if the whole thing doesn’t seem more intimate and inviting the second time around. (MGM/UA)

LOTS OF LAUGHS: HAIRSPRAY Baltimore’s resident cult director, John Waters, offers a time-warped and often just plain warped revisit to the music and fashion of 1962. The cast, including Sonny Bono, Pia Zadora and the late drag actor, Divine, gives new meaning to the word eccentric. (RCA/Columbia)

JUST ONE LAUGH: PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES It comes when Steve Martin vents his spleen on an airport rental-car agent. (Paramount)

CAMP HOOTFEST: THE SHANGHAI GESTURE Here’s a 1941 vision of an Oriental den of iniquity with lumpy Victor Mature as the seductive Dr. Omar. Ha! But the black-and-white photography still dazzles. (Mystic Fire)

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